Toy Blast Cheats – Create Lives, Coins and Boosters


Are you addicted to Toy Blast? If yes this is the perfect place to make the game even more fun. Who does not know the situation when you have to stop playing because you ran out of lives. Should that ever happen to you again just go to There you can find the Toy Blast online cheats tool which can be used to generate lives, coins and boosters whenever you want.

Complete more Levels

Everybody who plays Toy Blast will come to the point where a level just gets too hard. All you can do then is to try playing the level again until you completed all requirements. If this takes you more then 5 tries in a row you will have to wait at least half an hour between each try. To avoid the waiting times between the levels you will need more lives, they can be easily generated using the Toy Blast Hack. You can get up to a maximum of a few hundred thousand lives. This should be enough to complete every available level more than once.

Use Boosters

Usually boosters are very rare and you will only use them in the hardest levels. When you have access to a tool like the Toy Blast Cheats Tool you can use them whenever you need them. In general I would always activate at least one of the three boosters. A single boost can already make the difference between losing or winning a level. Why shouldn’t you use the boost now that you got access to an unlimited source of Toy Blast boosters.

toy blast online cheats tool

Usage Instruction

The Toy Blast Cheats is a very simple online generator which does not need you to have any experience on using such tools. It was necessary for the developers to design the process as simple as possible. As their aim was it to help all players of the game who need it. Now after a few months they reached their goal as always more people come to their site and use their Toy Blast coins generator.

  1. Enter your Game Center / Google Play Games username.
  2. Choose your OS (Android / iOS).
  3. Enter your desired amount of coins, lives and boosters.
  4. Press the “Generate” button and wait for the Toy Blast Cheats to finish.

What next?

Now after you have received all the resources and boosters, you can start making progress without the irritating pauses. You will need to invest much less time from now on, especially people who do not have that much free time will benefit from the cheats tool. Most of the levels should be solved after the first try now.

Last words

Are you still unsure about the Toy Blast Online Cheats? If yes read on the following paragraph. The cheats tool has many in-built security features that keep your account secure. One of those features is called “Anti-Ban script” and it is by far the most complex script of that kind that we have seen.

Furthermore the Toy Blast Hack encrypts all the data that gets transferred between the game server and the hack tool. Important: The generator tool will never ask you for a password.